Your weekend plans

It’s friday morning, I should be getting ready for work, but instead, I’m telling you what you should be doing this weeked:


If you’ve been sleeping on seeing the Sondra Arkin show at Longview Gallery this is your last chance. Really. It ends sunday, but lucky for you- there’s a gallery talk with Sondra Sunday September 23 at 3pm.

Fun factor 3:
Remember the first H st festival? Kind of a mess, straddling the impending trolly rail construction, fake funnel cakes (I WAS PROMISED REAL FUNNEL CAKES NOT THOSE MICROWAVED CHEW TOYS) (and yeah i’m a little bitter, like, 7 years after the fact. I pick my own battles, thanks) What I’m saying is, that one wasn’t fun. And it’s a blip in what the H street Festival has become- so why not join the neighborhood of Woodridge for what is sure to not be a great time. I’m sorry, but it’s just not. I’m hoping to be proven wrong….but I doubt it BUT you can go this year for the first time, and watch this baby festival grow with each passing year.

Fun Factor 7:
If I could be anywhere saturday, I would be at the Barracks Row festival. Aerial performers, the Marine Corps bulldog and this year, the DC State Fair (sure, we have one) moves to SE (cause #eastsideisthebestside) and will be there with the usual state-fairness…canning demos, home brewing demos, lots of fun-sounding good times. SO…..have fun for me!

Image from the DC State fair website


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