Pugs, portraits and (p)Alice

This weekend begins the long, largely drunken amble towards Halloween on Wednesday. In between stepping over piles of other peoples vomit, I found some stuff for you to check out.

Friday is the closing party for a really fantastic show at 410 GoodBuddy

gallery. And I might be saying that because it’s my oldest friend in DC, but it doesn’t change the fact, that it’s a great show and Sean’s work has grown a lot in the last decade. He’s picked up skills in concrete and glass and video and this show is a perfect culmination in all of those

detail from Sean Hennessey’s Reimagining Alice show

Also closing is the ULTRA show at on the 28th. Which is good, because Sunday the 28th is also the Marine Corp marathon so don’t expect to be able to get anywhere in Northern Virginia sunday. 110 is closed all day.

ULTRA at the Fridge

Of course, if you are able to cross the mighty Potomac, you will be richly rewarded with sights of pug dogs in a bee costume (because a wise woman once said, It’s not officially Halloween ’til you see the 1st pug in a bee suit!


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