NYC here I come!

A few years ago (maybe more than a few- 5-6?) I did a craft show in NYC sponsored by a hip lady mag. The DJs were great, the other vendors were awesome and some were kinda famous in the small indie-craft world. It felt magical to be a part of it. The people were just teeming in, including some SNL cast members. It felt like a huge, raucous party and you (me) were finally on the inside of.

This year, my friend Tina and I are going back to do it again. Sleezy hotel room is booked. Car has been rented. Day off has been granted. Expectations are high…and then I looked at the vendor list….and I had a panic attack.

I didn’t recognize one name on the vendor roster. Tina recognized one and when she pointed them out I did recognize their work. I know this sounds….i don’t know…snobby maybe? But I feel that not recognizing any vendors, when you’ve been a part of some of the bigger craft shows on the East Coast doesn’t seem like a great sign. 

Looking through the other vendors didn’t buoy my hopes. It’s a lot of jewelry- which might work out for me! Although right now, i’m just hoping that the people come out to the show. 


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