About me, about you…

I am (honestly) going to try to update this thing daily…or mostly daily…although probably not on the weekends. At this point, there are so many blogs out there, I often wonder what’s the point.

Aside from daily peeks into the life of my emus, I have been trying to think of things other people might find interesting. So now I’m going to ask you: 

I like to cook, although I am not good at it. And I almost never have the items on hand to properly follow a true recipe so I often improvise. Would people like to read about that? Aren’t there enough food blogs in the world?

I’m pretty crafty. I like solving problems. Maybe you have an idea and want to figure out how to do it? 

Aside from making stuff, I have a full time job in a gallery/studio where I work with people with disabilities. I also collect art (within a budget) (a pretty strict budget). Would you be interested in seeing what’s hanging on peoples walls and read about the artists and galleries from where the art came?

I would really like to hear what you would like to see or read!


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