What’s on your walls Wednesday?

Every wednesday, I am going to talk about a piece from my (albeit pretty small) art collection and encourage other people to do the same. 

I’m going to start out with a print that I bought two and a half years ago at one of my favorite galleries in Chicago- Rotofugi. When they moved to their current location on Lincoln Avenue they more than doubled both their exhibition space and sales space for (in my opinion) one of the best selections of designer and artist vinyl toys (my other favorite being Toy Tokyo in New York).

One of my favorite things about Rotofugi is that they have an excellent selection of artists work, both prints and originals, from their gallery shows. I have a few pieces from my trips to Chicago. I grabbed a Jeremiah Ketner about 6 years ago after stalking, er, I mean admiring his work on line a few years before that. And most recently I purchased a print from the Little Friends of Printmaking back in 2012


It’s not hard to put my finger on why I like this piece. It’s a successful combination of positive and negative space, a sophisticated palette played up with metallic inks and interest enough to continue to find new things in it- even 2 years later. Little Friends of Printmaking also wisely size their pieces to readily fit into existing Ikea frames, which makes them a great place to start with buying unframed art if you find the framing counters at some places seem daunting.

I think I actually bought my frame from a Target but it fits just fine.


What’s on your walls? 



One thought on “What’s on your walls Wednesday?

  1. Love! Love the piece and the series. I didn’t know you were blogging; keep it up! 🙂
    Most of my prints have come from Etsy, with the exception of a few that I had pre-Etsy days. I’ve shared a few as I’ve bought them over the past couple of years, and at some point I’m going to finish framing/hanging a lot of them and probably share in one big post.
    I tend to favor prints of traditional media like painting and drawing, but I’ve seen a lot of digital art on Society6 that I like a lot, so I’ll probably purchase a few there when I can save up some pennies.
    Speaking of prints, there’s a pop art print show at American Art museum now that’s small but good. They had a lot of my favorites. Ok super long comment! Try not to drown today! xoxo

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