What’cha got cookin’?

ImageI tend to get obsessed with one kind of food, over and over. Right now, I’m obsessed with this combination of salmon, asparagus, lemon and tarragon. This is before I cooked the whole thing together. I took a photo of it (I’m not usually one to photograph food) because it looked so pretty and springy. I made a few mistakes in actually cooking this, however. 

1) too long. I was impatient and used the filet frozen (which also lead to mistake #2) so I cooked the asparagus too long.

2) Too much liquid. When I cook, I don’t measure, I just throw things together. I had garlic, olive oil, tarragon, salt, peper, and lemon zest but it looked like i needed more liquid so i added in some lemon juice as well. Too much liquid. When I get a hang of this, I’l try to share a recipe.



About me, about you…

I am (honestly) going to try to update this thing daily…or mostly daily…although probably not on the weekends. At this point, there are so many blogs out there, I often wonder what’s the point.

Aside from daily peeks into the life of my emus, I have been trying to think of things other people might find interesting. So now I’m going to ask you: 

I like to cook, although I am not good at it. And I almost never have the items on hand to properly follow a true recipe so I often improvise. Would people like to read about that? Aren’t there enough food blogs in the world?

I’m pretty crafty. I like solving problems. Maybe you have an idea and want to figure out how to do it? 

Aside from making stuff, I have a full time job in a gallery/studio where I work with people with disabilities. I also collect art (within a budget) (a pretty strict budget). Would you be interested in seeing what’s hanging on peoples walls and read about the artists and galleries from where the art came?

I would really like to hear what you would like to see or read!

Next steps

When I started to design the emu, my main concern was that people wouldn’t confuse it for an ostrich. Most of the “e” animals I was considering could easily be confused with another, more well-known animal. Eels could be snakes, Eagles or Egrets could be hawks, Echidnas could be aarvarks. There will stiil probably be a lot of people who wonder why there is an Ostrich strapped to their street’s lampost but to me I don’t know if i could make this more emu-y.

Since I knew i was primarily working in profile, it was important for me to get that right first. I drew the outline on an ipad, erasing and adding and erasing and adding until I had the shape I wanted. 

I looked at photos of emus and asked myself “What do I like about this picture” and “what features make this an emu to me?”. For me, it came down to two things. There is a heaviness to the shape of an emus tail and its chest. I was still thinking in terms of art nouveau shapes so I tried to incorporate that into the general outline of the emu as well.Image

Emu research- color

emu egg!

emu egg!

After I decided on the emu, I started researching. Aside from a few meetings at a bird farm or two (we had ducks for a bit when I was a kid) I didn’t really know much about the emu. It turns out that their eggs are STUNNING.
I was researching art nouveau examples of the emu and found a number of carvings that people made from their eggs. And can you blame them? I mean, look at this color!

First Sketch

First Sketch

I am one of the artists selected for the Capitol Hill Alphabet Animals project and I could not be more excited. 10 artists were selected and given intersections around Capitol Hill in Southeast DC. I was given 5th & E where my good friends Jimmy and Doug and Joyce live so I was super excited!!
I polled some friends to see what animal they thought of when they thought of the letter E. The response was overwhelmingly ‘Elephant’ which is to be expected. I thought I was going to do an elephant too, until I started doodling emus! Check back tomorrow (or, really, maybe 3 days) to see the next step in my emu process!

Happy Va-OWL-entines day

I’m mostly doing this as a test post, because i want to learn how to use this blog properly, so in the mean time, please to be looking at some owls I made especially for valentines day. They sure are red, aren’t they?