May is always one of my favorite months- mostly because of the weather, the flowers, the smells, the everything! 

This month I have a number of things lined up! This weekend, I will be at the DC Meet Market in Logan circle. If you came out last month during the ridiculous winds, the 3rd might be considered a good make-up day! Here’s a bit of trivia about myself- I hate wind. It’s my least favorite element. I think it’s the unpredictability of it. At least with rain, there’s usually a clue and some minutes before it hits you! Anyway…. Meet Market is a lovely little market organized in part by the fabulous Virginia Arrisueno of Denada Designs. If you don’t know her work or everything she’s up to…well then, I don’t know what to tell you….

Saturday May 10, I will be at my full time job at Art Enables for our annual spring show where you can pick up some truly incredible one-of-a-kind birdhouses AND we will be opening Wild Ocean in the Off-Rhode Gallery.




Sunday May 11 I will be in my usual spot at Eastern Market, as long as it isn’t raining terribly! 

Saturday May 17,  I will be leading a tour at noon for the Mid-City Artists. We will be touring the studios  of Gary Fisher, Glenn Frye, Betto Ortiz and Robert Wiener.

Sunday May 18, I will be in Baltimore and collaborating with the fabulous Mary England on something we’re calling the Happiness Experience. I’ve been thinking a lot about the connection between art and happiness and we’re going to have balloon artists, a compliment booth, laughing yoga and more! 

Hope you can make it out to one of these events!

Viva la May!