Um….so what else is new?

Best intentions, am I right?
This has been a pretty shitty summer (sorry mom). The majority of my summer was consumed by Arts on N which went pretty well. I don’t know if I’ll do it again, or work with the Arts Commission, again…we’ll see. As it is, I need to get my tail in gear with my own stuff for Crafty Bastards.
Then last week…I can’t talk about it. let’s just say that something big happened and it is bad and I’m going to be very sad for a very long time. Maybe i’ll post about it here, but I’m going to try to be positive here, right?
Sometimes when you’re depressed people advise you to count what you’re thankful for. And that’s a good idea. It’s also a good idea when you’re happy…really truly happy…to pause and look around and think ‘yeah’. And remember that so when you’re at your lowest again, you can think back to that moment and know that things will get better. because they do. Or they can. Things wax and wane all the time. Money, friends, creativity. It’s important to let yourself recognize this cycle and know that when you’re at your lowest, soon you will be at your highest again.
Trust me.
Anyway- things I’m excited about- crafty bastards. And a whole bunch of new fabrics from Buttons at the Shakespeare Machine. They’re so lovely. They’re going to make some great animals.