My gift giving guide

I’m so ahead of things this year I might actually have a fun holiday season. I can’t imagine. One of the things I’ve decided is I’m giving everyone in my family and friends something made by someone I know (because I know some really fabulous people!)
So I thought I would share some of the things I’m giving (or uh, maybe will give to myself….) starting with this calendar from Grey Moggie Press

How genius? There are suggestions each week who to write a letter to! (I might take a by week on the ‘write a letter to Oprah’ week or maybe insert my celebrity of choice) And it’s printed on a letterpress. And it’s just really beautiful.

Who to give this to: Your Emily Post-iest friend. People you know will send you at least one letter. Your super picky aunt with the impeccable handwriting.
Why give it to yourself: Because you know you should write more letters. And maybe this will get you back in the habit.