My favorite things- have you met the internets?

Sometimes I seriously have to wonder if I’m too old for the internet….I had to ask someone what a ‘meme’ was, I still don’t understand 4chan and tumblr? Well, that I actually like.
Truth is, I started blogging back in February of 2000 which seems….so long ago. And it is. This february that blog will be 5 years away from driving. And i still write there. No, I’m not telling you what it is….back to the tumblr thing…
Tumblr -where people dump links and pictures and sounds is pretty nice looking and tend to be fun. It’s also where you can find stuff like this: Kim-Jong Il looking at stuff
It’s kind of amazing. And cheers to you sir or madam for compiling a bunch of pictures, offered without comment, for our enjoyment.
I think maybe that’s why I like it so much. A lot of the internet fills in the gaps for you. Or is hell bent for snark. While, it can surely be argued, ‘How is posting a picture of the leader of Northern Korea selecting radishes not snarky, not even a little bit?’ and it is- but don’t you look at it wondering- is that a face he’s making? Will he be eating that radish? perhaps he’s attracted to the, ahem, shape?
Well, that’s for you to decide…

(every time i say this, i never follow up, but I’m going to really try to do a series of short posts on some of my favorite things. ) (and no, i won’t be giving anything away….probably)