Check yourself

So, I moved to DC, kind of accidentally in 1998. I mean, not entirely by accident, but if, say, the fax machine hadn’t malfunctioned or if I had gotten an internship with a theatre in Princeton, NJ as opposed to the Shakespeare Theatre in DC stuff would be really different. I moved here, only ever visiting DC once. It was in college; some friends and I came down to DC to see Sebadoh and the Dog Faced Hermans. It was a phenomenal show and one of my favorite college memories.
All I really knew about DC was the music scene. I listened to a lot of DC bands…plus Dischord, Simple Machines records and Teen Beat were all here, so how bad could it be?
I’ve gotten to know a few of the musicians here…some I even grew up listening to…and some who have left an indelible mark on my life. Like Clark Sabine.
Today marks the one year anniversary of Clark’s passing from something as malignant and simple as melanoma. I’m guilty of this as well, but I’d like to use this day to implore (maybe order?) you and your love ones to have your moles checked.
It’s simple. It’s effective.
And in the mean time, read this lovely eulogy about my friend Clark