My new years wish to you

Do you guys make resolutions? You do right? Everyone does. It’s a secret no one admits to. Like liking marshmallow fluff in the jar….

Here’s another secret- I’m reading/have read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin in an effort to refind my happiness… Part of my project/resolutions is to write more and be more productive and that includes my presence on this thing. Also to find an outlet or make more jokes or something. Part of me suspects I’m a frustrated comedy writer judging by the podcasts I listen to when I worked in my studio.

So happy new year all you people who are not reading this yet. But you wil….OH YOU WILL!!!!

Do you have any New Year superstitions? I do. Right now, I’m in the midst of my annual new years tradition of the mad clean. At midnight there can be no laundry in the hamper, no dish in the sink, no Q-tip in the trashcan. Everything has to be empty to receive the good-luck dust that doesn’t really happen at midnight. It’s kind of a stupid superstition, right? But man is it nice to be able to enjoy new years day.

I have a bit of cleaning to do, but laundry is in the last loads, all my bills have been shredded, my inbox is at 0 which is becoming a ridiculously difficult task anymore.
I keep finding little bits of W around the apartment; A hat I knit him last winter (donated), a book we salvaged from his old house (tossed), electrical cords to broken or lost items (tossed/donated) but I just found a paper kite he made me for valentines day which says something really sweet on it, but given the last month of events and the fact that when i think of valentines day of this past year, I think more of finding him passed out drunk on my sofa than i do of a kind message on a piece of rice paper. So thanks blog, i was actually thinking of keeping it but writing this makes me realize that it infact makes me angry and a little anxious so out it goes.

Here’s something new and good about me: I now have an actual studio. With other artists. And dust. Lots of dust.  Now I have a space to store my pins and one machine and the best part is it’s within walking distance to my apartment thus staying within my unintentional rule of EVERYTHING IN NE DC. I’m looking forward to spending a few hours in there tomorrow making stuff.

Ok, now my new years wish for you- is anyone still reading this?

You know those mistakes you made in 2012? That’s ok. You learned something right? So let’s chalk up all the shit in 2012 as learning experiences and build on them in 2013. Fresh slate, let’s go. No looking back.
I hope 2013 is kind to you and your loved ones and friends and pets. I hope that 2013 is when we sharpen our focus, find our voices and use them. Don’t be afraid, be brave. I’ll be there too.

Happy new year friend.
beth b.