My gift guide- Had Matter Art

People who know me know that I spend roughly 4.5 hours each day looking for my keys. It’s true. If you know someone like that, may I suggest one of these assemblages from Had Matter Art

Erica is another Eastern Market artist (I spend a lot of time there, so yeah, many of my suggestions will be artists from Eastern Market!) who is not only an absolutely lovely person, but a fantastic artist. I love looking at her display every week and seeing her new creations. As someone who also works with found materials, I think it’s cool seeing how she combines elements to create clever mail holders and spice racks and kitchen clocks.

This is also a great way to start someones art collection. Or get them interested in starting an art collection. What better way than to introduce them to functional art for their home?

Who to buy this for: Your brother who already has everything, someone who needs a little art in their life, your friend who can never find their keys.

My friends are superheros!

My friend Jon Wye gets more done in a day than a normal person can do in a week. It’s mostly because he’s crazy and doesn’t sleep (or eat, so if you’re ever in New York City, please stop by his store and bring him pizza or something)
He’s an inspiration, the amount of stuff this kid does on his own, including risking life and limb to hang his sign up. Lucky for you, he had someone video tape the whole thing. Watch it here:

learnin’ and teachin’

For two years I worked for the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Mostly I put art in government offices (or in the case of our Mayor, removed the art to make room for his plaques) but I occasionally got to work on some public art projects where I was fortunate to meet Peter Krsko from Albus Cavus who asked if I would teach a class on making Plush Art. Now, to be considered in the same group of people like Mark Jenkins , CON and DECOY is something of a thrill, since I consider them to be, you know, *real artists* whereas I’m some girl making squirrels out of old sweaters.
But for the workshop sunday, we’ll be talking monsters, materials and techniques, so come on out! we’ll have materials for you, it’s sunday April 11, 2pm-4pm $25 suggested donation. At the FRIDGE- 633 E street REAR (also known as Archibald walk- you’ll see an alley connect E & G street midway down the block between 6&7th street.