First Sketch

First Sketch

I am one of the artists selected for the Capitol Hill Alphabet Animals project and I could not be more excited. 10 artists were selected and given intersections around Capitol Hill in Southeast DC. I was given 5th & E where my good friends Jimmy and Doug and Joyce live so I was super excited!!
I polled some friends to see what animal they thought of when they thought of the letter E. The response was overwhelmingly ‘Elephant’ which is to be expected. I thought I was going to do an elephant too, until I started doodling emus! Check back tomorrow (or, really, maybe 3 days) to see the next step in my emu process!

learnin’ and teachin’

For two years I worked for the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Mostly I put art in government offices (or in the case of our Mayor, removed the art to make room for his plaques) but I occasionally got to work on some public art projects where I was fortunate to meet Peter Krsko from Albus Cavus who asked if I would teach a class on making Plush Art. Now, to be considered in the same group of people like Mark Jenkins , CON and DECOY is something of a thrill, since I consider them to be, you know, *real artists* whereas I’m some girl making squirrels out of old sweaters.
But for the workshop sunday, we’ll be talking monsters, materials and techniques, so come on out! we’ll have materials for you, it’s sunday April 11, 2pm-4pm $25 suggested donation. At the FRIDGE- 633 E street REAR (also known as Archibald walk- you’ll see an alley connect E & G street midway down the block between 6&7th street.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world!

Chris Hardwick, the stuffs of many a nerdy girl fantasy, has an awesome blog called (what else!)Nerdist And yesterday, he featured my stuff!
So if you’re finding this because of that, welcome! And if you’re Chris Hardwick, THANK YOU!
It’s an amazing feeling when people you like, tell you they like your work.

In other Tigerflight news, 42 days ’til ART STAR! Oh, wait! I didn’t tell you about that, did I? So the *awesome* store Art Star in lovely Philadelphia has a yearly, two-day show. Those of you who have known me for awhile know I did this show two years ago (mad props to Cristen and Scott who braved the weather to stay with me and thumbs down to my immune system that got crazy sick right after that.
Anyhows, i’m doing it again! so look for me at theArt Star Craft Bazaar May 15 & 16.
You should swing by their shop those days too- they are going to have a show of Julie West’s work up at the same time. I hope i’ll be able to swing by!